To produce 1 kg of the product,
we use 10 kg of fresh berries


Excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, source of vitamin B9 and potassium Rich in antioxidants and plant compounds such as pelargonidin, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, and procyanidins.
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Evidence-based health benefits:
Blood sugar regulation
Heart health
Strawberry consumption can lower heart-related death risk, improve blood antioxidant status, decrease oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, improve vascular function, improve blood lipid profile, and reduce harmful oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
Strawberries may slow down glucose digestion and reduce glucose and insulin spikes following a carb-rich meal. Therefore, strawberries may be useful for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes prevention. Imbalances in blood sugar regulation and high-sugar diets are associated with an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
Cancer prevention
Ellagic acid and ellagitannins may drive the protection by stopping the cancer cells' growth. Strawberries may help prevent several types of cancer through their ability to fight oxidative stress and inflammation. Strawberries may inhibit tumor formation.
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